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Due to time constraints, I can no longer offer the Wrappers AND Hershey Bars already wrapped. This does not mean that it is not available. It just means that you will need to send me an email to see if it can be done in time for your event.


If you want to order the wrappers AND the candy bars, please email me .

The additional cost for the Hershey Bars will be $1.00 each and a minimum of 30 candy bars must be ordered. If shipping in the warmer weather or to a warmer state, there will be added cost to shipping for ice packs and expedited shipping.

Thank you for your understanding! :-)


Good News and Bad News

Bad News first: Sadly I have decided to discontinue my Dove Chocolate Discoveries business due to the very active sports schedules of my children. I still have friends in the Dove business, so if there is anything that you are looking for, I can give you their information.

The good news is that I can concentrate more time on this business and adding new products and designs.

Stay tuned! :-)





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