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Some ideas for the backs of the Candy Wrappers:

Below are some examples of some of the backs that I have done. You can either use one of these or create your own. You let me know what you would like and I will design it to your specifications.

Nutritional Back:
These can customized with the Ingredients, Serving Size and the Amount per Serving lines and if there is an empty space, you can put a special message or I will fill it in with a graphic to match your design.
If you are unsure of what to put in each area, I will gladly help you out.

This is an example of a birthday wrapper nutritional back.

The next two are examples of baby wrapper nutritional backs. Notice on the one that instead of the amount per servings, you could have the baby's statistics instead.

This is an example of a wedding wrapper nutritional back.

This is an example of a graduation wrapper nutritional back.

Phrase Back:

These wrapper backs are examples of using a special message, saying or phrase on the back.
For phrase ideas, check out our Wording Ideas .

This one was done for a birthday where they were celebrating at the casino.

The following two were made up for baby showers.

Blast from the Past:

This is a wrapper back that works great for a milestone birthday. They are alot of fun for your guests to see how things were back when whomever is celebrating was born.
Once you send me the birthdate, I would email some choices for you to select from. -- Moms Promoting Moms For Free!
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